Foundational Arithmetic and Numbers Unit Thumbnail

Foundational Arithmetic and Numbers

Students explore decimals number and their place value. How numbers are composed, what factors are, and how to find prime factorization. Multiplying and dividing integers and floating point numbers and modeling and relating fractions.
Lesson 1
Place Value
In this lessons students learn about place value in standard form, written form and expanded form.
Lesson 2
Multiplying and Dividing Whole Numbers
Students review the concepts of multiplication and division with positive integers.
Lesson 3
Multiples of Whole Numbers
Students look at number rules and how to quickly calculate factors from a product.
Lesson 4
Factors of Whole Numbers
Students explore how to find all the factors of a given positive integer or whole number.
Lesson 5
Prime and Composite Numbers
Students explore prime numbers and how composite numbers are composed of prime numbers.
Lesson 6
Modelling Fractions
Students revisit fractions by modelling their numerators and denominator.
Lesson 7
Fraction Relationships
Students explore fractions in and their relationship between number lines, charts, mixed numbers and improper fractions.
Lesson 8
Finding Patterns in Tables
Students explore how mathematical patterns or algorithms are everywhere in the world.
Lesson 9
Multiplying Decimals
Students explore how to multiply different decimal or floating point numbers.
Lesson 10
Dividing Decimals
Students explore how to divide decimal or floating point numbers.
Lesson 11
Multiplication and Division Problem Solving
Students use their multiplication and dividing decimal skills to solve mathematical problems.
Extra Challenge
Multiplication Game
The first optional challenge in which students make a simple multiplication game in Scratch.