Game Development 20

Game Development 20 has students continue their exploration of the C# language using Unity, focusing on projects and new elements of code.

Space Invaders

This unit focuses on creating your own Space Invaders game. The unit will focus on reviewing most of the concepts taught in Game Development 10.
Lesson 1
Getting Started
This lesson focus on getting game assets and setting the expectations for you first space invaders game.
Lesson 2
The Player Controller
Students learn how to create a player controller for their first space invader game.
Lesson 3
Creating Enemies
Students learn about creating their first enemy in Unity.
Lesson 4
Enemy Formations
Students use prefabs and the relationship between parent and child objects to create enemy formations.
Lesson 5
Enemy Formations
Students learn how to move and spawn enemies in their formations.
Lesson 6
Instantiating Projectiles
Students learn about instantiating gameobjects and how to use this method to create projectiles for their ship.
Lesson 7
Colliders in Unity
Students learn how to use colliders to detect if a projectile has contacted an enemy in Unity.
Lesson 8
Enemy Lasers
Students use their knowledge of previous lessons to instantiate lasers for the enemy game objects.
Lesson 9
Sprite Layers
Students learn about how to use sprites and layers in Unity to order sprites on the Z axis.
Lesson 10
Repopulating Enemies
Students use their knowledge of conditional statements and methods to create a loop that repopulates enemy formations.
Lesson 11
Animating Respawns
Students use the Unity animation tools to create a respawn animation.
Lesson 12
Adding Particle Effects
Students learn about how to use Unity's particle systems to create effects for their game.
Lesson 13
Scoring System
Students apply previous skills to create a user interface and logic for a scoring system.
Lesson 14
Audio Effects
Students learn how to implement audio effects for their game.
Lesson 15
Students use Unity's built-in layering system to control how sprites appear on the screen.
Lesson 16
End Game Scene
Students create an end game scene to notify the user when the game is over.
Lesson 17
Finishing Touches
Students finish up their project by adding some finishing touches and polish.