Foundational Arithmetic and Numbers Unit Thumbnail

Foundational Arithmetic and Numbers

Students explore decimals number and their place value. How numbers are composed, what factors are, and how to find prime factorization. Multiplying and dividing integers and floating point numbers and modeling and relating fractions.
Operations and Graphing Unit Thumbnail

Operations and Graphing

Students focus on the fundamentals of pre-algebra. Topics like integers, order of operations, variables, graphing, and analyzing data are explored.
Angles and Polygons Unit Thumbnail

Angles and Polygons

Students focus on understand how manipulating objects in a 2D and 3D plane can be expressed through Mathematics. Topics like angles, polygons, transformations, perimeter, area and volume are explored.
Ratios and Probability Unit Thumbnail

Ratios and Probability

Student use previous knowledge to related many previous topics together. They explore the relationships between ratios, percents and fractions, and probability.