Operations and Graphing Unit Thumbnail

Operations and Graphing

Students focus on the fundamentals of pre-algebra. Topics like integers, order of operations, variables, graphing, and analyzing data are explored.
Lesson 1
Students explore what integers are and how we use them in our everyday life. The concept of a "Zero Pair" is introduced.
Lesson 2
Ordering Integers
Students use their knowledge of integers to explore order and value.
Lesson 3
Order of Operations
Students learn about PEDMAS, often refereed to as BEDMAS, the order in which you complete multi-step mathematical expressions and equations.
Lesson 4
Writing and Simplifying Expressions
Students learn about the basics of pre-algebra: understanding words problems, substituting and simplifying equations, and data tables.
Lesson 5
Preservation of Equality: Addition and Subtraction
Students explore how to balance addition and subtraction based equations using preservation of equality, the methodology and why it works.
Lesson 6
Preservation of Equality: Multiplication and Division
Students further explore preservation of equality, looking into how to balance multiplication and division equations.
Lesson 7
Table of Values
Students learn how to use a data table or a table of values to solve a series of algebraic expressions.
Lesson 8
Graphing Points
Students explore ordered pairs (graphing points) and how they are used in a Cartesian plane to plot graphs or figures.
Lesson 9
Graphing Patterns
Students learn how to use ordered pairs to create patterns and figures on a Cartesian plane.
Lesson 10
Measuring Distance
Students learn how to measure the distance between two order pairs on a single axis.
Lesson 11
Line Graphs
Students learn how to plot data to create a line graph, learning about the importance of the axes, scaling, and labeling.
Cartesian Battleships
Students are hire by a company to create a new board game using Cartesian planes, Cartesian Battleships.