Trees and Forest

Trees and Forests

Students learn about trees as individual plants and as part of a forest ecosystem. By examining local species, they learn to recognize the characteristics of different trees and develop skill in describing and interpreting the structural features of trees. As part of their studies, students learn about a broad range of living things found on, under and around trees and study the complex interaction between trees and the larger environment. In examining human use of forests, they become aware of a broad range of environmental issues and develop an awareness of the need for responsible use.
Lesson 1
The Forest Ecosystem
In this lesson we talk about the forest ecosystem and introduce the terms biotic, abiotic, organisms, producers, consumers, and decomposers.
Lesson 2
Levels of the Forests
Students explore the four levels of the forest (canopy, understory, underbrush and forests floor) found in Alberta Canada.
Lesson 3
The Energy Cycle
Students learn about the energy cycle in a ecosystem and how producers, consumers and decomposers interact.
Lesson 4
Students explore what photosynthesis is and how it helps producers create energy.
Project 1
Ecomon Battle Cards
Students use their knowledge of ecosystems to develop a card game.
Topic 5
Parts of a Tree
Students explore the different parts of a tree, focusing on the tree trunk.
Topic 6
Students learn how to interpret tree cookie or cross-sections of a tree trunk in order to
Topic 7
Types of Trees
Students learn about the different types of trees in the Albertan ecosystem.
Topic 8
Types of Leaves
Students learn about the types of leaves that each different tree can produce, their benefits and decrements.
Topic 9
Shapes of Trees
Students explore the different shapes of trees and why they grow a specific way.
Topic 10
How We Use the Forest
Students learn how we use the forest and why it is important to preserve it for future generations.
Student-Lead Review
Trees & Forests Review Projects
Student lead videos and activities to help you study or brush up on the Trees and Forest unit.