Our First Program


For our first program we will be printing “Hello World” to the console using Visual Studio and the C# programming language.

The Code

In this program you will write the following code:

class Program {

	static void Main(string[] args) {
		Console.Write("Hello World!");
  • Line 4 – This line calls upon the console to write the “Hello World!” string.
  • Line 5 – This line tells the console to wait for some user input and read the input. For our purposes, we use it to wait for a user input like [ENTER] to terminate the program.


Create your own ASCII style art using the skills in this lesson. You are welcome to look up and be inspired by ASCII art examples, but project must be of your own creation. The example below was created using the console application.

Assignments in this module are handed in via Google Classroom. Make sure you are signed into your PLSD account and click the link below:

ASCII Art Example
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