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Fowler, C. (2015). Virtual reality and learning: Where is the pedagogy? British Journal of Educational Technology, 46(2), 412–422.

Feburary 21st, 2021

The article argues that Dalgarno and Lee focused too much on virtual reality’s technological affordances. Fowler attempts to remedy this by marrying the affordances of three-dimensional learning environments introduced by Dalarno and Lee, representational fidelity and learner interaction with Mayes’ pedagogical framework. Mayes’ framework focused on learning through: (1) conceptualization, exposing the learnings to new facts, (2) construction, building and testing theories or investigating and solving problems, and (3) dialogue, reflecting critically or engaging discussions. Using the affordances of 3D learning environments and Mayes’ pedagogical framework, a design for learning perspective can be achieved by focusing on learning requirements and task affordances to determine the learning specifications needed to achieve learning outcomes.

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