Getting Started with Video Lessons


With the school closures we need to adjust our methodology to meet the needs of our students. For a lot of teachers this may be scary. I have thrown together a quick video explaining how to use OBS or Open Broadcaster Software to get started doing video lessons. We will be focusing on the very basics, like installation, scene setup, and some tips.

Download OBS

The most recent version of OBS can downloaded here:

Installing OBS

  • Once the file is download open it and click next.
Click Next
  • You may have to install additional componenets if you have a fresh install of Windows, if you do just click yes and follow download and install the required files.
You may need to install additional componenets.
  • Agree to the license.
Agree to the license.
  • If you want to change the install path you can, but most user should just click next.
Changing install path.
  • We do not need to install any plugins, so just click next.
OBS plugins.
  • Wait for OBS to install and you will be greet with the screen below, just click “Finish”.
Click finish to launch OBS.
  • Once OBS opens it will run the Auto-Configuration Wizard. All you need to do is select the second radio option, “Optimize just for recording, I will no be streaming.”
Click the second radio button.

Scene Setup

Let’s walk you through the basics of setting up a scene.

  • Location the “Scene” section on the OBS software near the bottom-left side. Click the plus button under the Scenes section.
Click the small plus button.
  • Name the Scene whatever you want, I would recommmend you call it Monitor if you plan to record your monitor or Webcam if you want to use your webcam.
Name your scene.
  • Find the “Sources” section next to the Scenes section in the OBS software. Click the small plus button underneath the Sources section. A dropdown menu will appear. Click the “Display Capture” Option.
Click the Display Capture option.
  • Name the source “Monitor 1” or something similiar so you know what it does in the future.
Click the Display Capture option.
  • If you have multiple monitors, change the source monitor to your desired monitor.
Change to desired monitor.
  • You can repeat these steps to add other Sources to your Scene. For example, if you want to add a Web Camera source you need to add a “Video Capture Device” instead of a “Display Capture.”


  • Recording is very easy in OBS, all you need to do is click the “Start Recording” button near the bottom-right of the software. Once recording this with change to a “Stop Recording” button, which can be clicked to stop recording.
Recording button.
  • Videos, by default, are stored in your Videos folder on Windows.
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