Map of Resident-Visitor Typology using Technology

by Michael MacKay

April 24th, 2020

I was shocked at how much I had to think about the different reasons I use technology when developing this map. I focused on what tools I use for personal and professional use.

One tool that has become so engrossed in both my professional and personal life is YouTube. I use this tool personally for entertainment and learning, and even have a few channels that I engage with regularly. Professionally, I use YouTube to deliver content to my students, which we often use as a point of entry for discussion through Google Meets, which is part of the Google Suite.

Another tool I tend to use both personally and professionally is the Google Suite. I use nearly all aspects of the Suite, even Google Scripts to create automated projects for work. I would consider the use of a product as more of a resident because I tend to engage with students and others via the many collaborative features even though it is not entirely open to the web.

My online learning management system is most likely my most significant digital footprint. I use this tool to deliver and engage students in many of my products and is the hub of most of my professional engagement and content creation.

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