This is an assignment that allows students to explore how to apply the skills they have learned in Grade 6 to plan out a hypothetical store.

The assignment itself is modular. Meaning items can be added or removed to met the needs of the student.

Selecting a Product

Students will need to decided on what products they are selling in their store. Well selecting products it is recommend that students select something they are interested in and could see themselves doing in the future.


Each product that will be sold at the store needs a price. At lower grade levels it is recommended that student research other related stores and create prices competitive with them. Older students or students that want to challenge themselves can factor in the cost of materials, shipping and labour when calculating the price.

Please note, my grade six students need to include GST on top of their regular pricing.

Store Layout

The store layout takes into account the dimensions of the store and the layout of the products.

Please note, my grade six student’s stores need to be exacalty 600m2.

Geographic Location

Students will need to look at were they are going to build their stores. It is recommended they are in a location they makes logoical sense for their product. For example, a clothing store next to a power plant would not attract many customers; while a clothing store on a major street of a city or town will attract a lot of customers. You are welcome to look at Google Maps to get exact street addresses.

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